The Freedom Apartment

“Can we get you a beer or something? A cigarette?”

“Yeah, actually both would be good right about now. Thanks.”

I was positive that it wouldn’t reach my apartment. It had started on the roof on the other side of the building. Certainly the firemen would be able to contain it, right?

There I was, drinking a Corona and smoking a Marlboro, on the other side of the street just watching everything burn. It wasn’t even a burn “down”. It was just a slow progression of hungry flames devouring my lovely apartment building. I had just moved in three months prior after a bad breakup. It was my freedom apartment, with a walk-in closet. I loved it there.

One reporter wanted to interview me and even though it was completely out of character, I said yes. The cameraman shined his little light on me and we began. He was so shiny and smiley. But just at that moment we started to engage in intense Q&A, someone pulled a dog out of the flames. Can you believe it? It was alive and everything, so that put an end to my local news  star debut.

We watched until there was nothing else to do. They weren’t going to let us in and get anything, so margaritas sounded nice at that moment. Lot’s of margaritas…

No one really knew what to say. Was it too early for the jokes? The most common statement was, “you’re taking this so well”. I guess it’s because some people watching their belongings go up in flames were screaming and crying. I think there was even a moment of chanting, “Fuck the roofers! Fuck the roofers!”.

So people were obviously impressed by my steely composure (brought on by the ingestion of many Coronas). Anyway, I started to feel like I was disappointing them. I needed to do my part, so I started to fake drunk cry. But it was more of a spattering of gasps and tears, not really convincing, and kind of late in the game to pull it off.

So that is my story. Well, the beginning of the story of how the universe moved me to Spain. It’s funny how something so accidental can spark (pun alert!) a major change in your life. Honestly, I think about those careless “roofers” and I wonder if they knew that their actions spurred a huge decision in my life? How random…

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