The Bright One

Remind me to file this encounter under the category: “Listen to Your Instinct”.

So after meeting with Diana, it was time to meet the love of her life, her son, Jaime. A sweet, mature boy of 10 years old, brighter than the brightest star in the sky.

I’ll admit that I was nervous before heading over to their house. It’s a little nerve-wracking to audition for your place in a new family. Obviously, this wasn’t going to be my actual real family, but for all intensive purposes, they would be my family in Spain. This was more than just a roommate situation. I was going to take care of Jaime during the week by picking him up from school in the afternoons and giving him an English class at home for an hour or so. In return, I would live for free, basically.

Why is it that “free” always turns out to be so damn expensive?

I had already met Diana and now it was time to meet the Father and the Bright One. Diana had already told me that she and the Father were divorced, but that things were civil between them and they were both concerned for the Bright One’s education and more specifically, his English skills.

So, I won’t bother you with all of the details of the first meeting. I can only say that I met with the parents alone at first and it was an… okay encounter. The Father seemed nice enough – really happy. Honestly, they both gave me a bit of a weird vibe. They were just so very happy, so very-frozen-smile happy. But we were all a bit nervous.

They sat me down and explained the situation with the Bright One. How, due to the divorce, I would have to bring the Bright One to the father’s house a few Fridays a month so he could spend the weekend with his Papa.

“Donde está la casa suya?, I asked The Father. “Muy cerca”/ very close. Okay…sounds great.

“Also, I like to clean the house twice a month. Would you mind helping me?” Of course!

“Also, due to the divorce, the Bright One has to see a pychriatrist once a week. Could you take him?” Sure – I guess that’s okay.

Any other details were sorted out and now, it was time to meet Jaime.

“Jaime! Ven Aqui!”.

Out comes this tall kid with ominous dark bags under his eyes…very shy, but seemed friendly enough.

What’s that? Oh, you want to know his first words to me?

“You Ugly”

Who says this kid needs English lessons?

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