Road Trip – France!

What? Pass the Ham is a Spain-ish blog! What is France doing here? -

Bordeaux in front of the river Garonne

Well, my little hammies, one must explore the world when the opportunity arises and this summer (late, I know) I had the pleasure of taking a long road trip through France!

So my first official travel destination post is France, not Spain. Just because, okay?

Let me start with our itinerary: Bordeaux -> La Rochelle -> Rennes -> Dinan ->Bayeux -> Tours/Loire Valley -> St.Emilion -> Bordeaux

Yes, all of that in just 10 days. Seems like a lot now that I see it in print, but we had plenty of time to see and do so many things-très fun!

It’s simply too much for one post, so I’ll just start with Bordeaux. To be honest, this city was a bit of a shock. I’ve been to Paris many times, but haven’t ever ventured out of the capital. Now I feel like I know the secret – Paris is fantastic, but there is so much more to France than its beautiful capital city. I’m currently obsessed with seeing more of this vibrant country. (Listening to a French language course as I write, in fact!)

Bordeaux is only an hour flight from Madrid and honestly, it is one of the classiest cities I’ve ever been to. It was completely reformed a few decades ago and I’ve never seen a city that just makes so much sense. Cheap bicycles to rent, a modern tram system throughout the city, fountains, history, cheese, wine, etc. It’s hard to explain, but Bordeaux, besides being a wine lover’s dream destination, is just such a romantic, quaint city. The people are wonderfully friendly and upbeat, and the quality of life here just seems so idyllic. I know I always have a serious case of “tourist eyes”, but Bordeaux is one of the best cities that I’ve ever been to.
A few photos:

The Cathedral in Bordeaux -
Wine Country -what else could you ask for?
What else could you ask for? Bread, of course!
And what else? Dainty French pastries, of course!!
The French are crazy for Carousels....
Yeah, well...I'm crazy about French breads
French people dance... in the middle of the day... on a Wednesday!
I dance to mixed meat/ fromage plates
And the cheese never stops in this city...
Fountain of Girondins - really beautiful
Know what else is really beautiful? A self-serve wine on a lazy susan!
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