La Rochelle and Dinan, France

Towers are all the rage now...

So, part two of our French road trip has us making our way up the coast a bit from Bordeaux to La Rochelle for a quick one nighter (sound dirty?), then upwards and onwards to our destination of Mont St. Michel, Normandy and back down through the Loire Valley.

So first, La Rochelle – a lovely little town on the west coast, about 2 hours from Bordeaux. There’s not really much to say about this town besides that it’s beautiful and charming, with an active port that is the main attraction. Also, there is some history, but I’ll spare you that part so I can move on to the food!

La Rochelle is where you first get the idea that this part of France is crazy for mussels. Every restaurant is mussel heaven, even for someone like my husband who’s not too crazy for them.

Mussels with white wine and blue cheese, and served with french fries!! (Not freedom Fries - by the way)

After French Mussel Heaven…

Our next stop was an unexpected delight and one of our best memories of the entire trip, Dinan. Really, I can’t say enough about this medievil town set on top of a beautiful hilltop with a sweet little river down below lined with small little bistros and French hippy shops. I bought an awesome travel bag there and I will always fondly remember the sweet French hippy lady that totally ripped me off – ohh, such memories.

We first arrived and found our hotel, Hotel de la Porte Saint Malo. It’s a great hotel with very friendly and attentive owners. If, by chance, you still believe that the French are , um – how can I say – bitchy, well, go here and these people will change your mind completely. In fact, everyone we met was nice to us – too nice – it freaked us out.
Anyway, photos:

Dinan Houses - down by di river

At di river


In Di Plaza


Not Di Nile...


Let's get back to Di food - This is a French Galette. Very popular in the northwest of France and just delicious...

So, I still have so much to tell you about this trip, but we just saw so much and ate so much, that re-living it is just making me hungry for another trip and well, just hungry …

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2 Responses to La Rochelle and Dinan, France

  1. Wow I’d actually kill over the looks of that galette. Bloody love ‘em!

    • Hamatha says:

      This was my first time trying galettes – I think I had one almost everyday while we were traveling around…they are delicious!

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