French Châteaux in the Loire Valley – Photo Friday

You know, it’s not like totally impossible to buy a château, right? I mean, if you’ve got the cash, you can live like a king or better yet – Lord of the Manor. How good does that sound? So, Señior Rico, here are some photos of 3 lovely French chateaux you might want to consider buying and letting me live there …

les photographes:

Chambord - no, silly, not the Liqueur - just one of the most beautiful chateaux in the Loire Valley.
Chateau Chenonceau
Clos Lucé - Former home to Leo Da Vinci and my favorite of the 3 that we visited.
Da Vinci's work in hanging in the gardens in front of the chateau. If you visit, don't miss a walk in the gardens. It's a lovely garden area with various art works hanging from the trees and life-size models of Da Vinci's inventions. It's really quite interesting and very romantic for the nerds out there!
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2 Responses to French Châteaux in the Loire Valley – Photo Friday

  1. Aren’t you lucky to be seeing all those lovely French houses! Got nothing on my zulo in Caceres.

    • Hamatha says:

      Thanks Will! It was an amazing trip I took through France. I still can’t believe that people actually lived in these houses! They just seem straight out of a fairy tale….

      and hey…living in Caceres, Spain doesn’t seem like a bad way to go either! :)

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