The Truth

Well, I’m back from Florence and ready to tell you all about it!¬† Really, I can’t wait to give you all the inside scoop on what to do in Florence. It’s just such a dazzling city with so much history that you would be totally lost if you didn’t read this post on Florence!

There’s just one thing I have to admit to you first – I have a terrible memory. Well, I think it’s more of a lazy memory to be more specific.

The truth is that I just don’t remember what we have seen and done. This happens on all my trips. It’s not that it wasn’t fantastic and memorable.¬† This was my second time in Florence and the city is just so damn gorgeous. But the history, the beauty, and the sophistication¬†of this city are so overwhelming that I honestly don’t know where to start.

I’m so lucky to have such a cool travel partner. We see and do everything possible, stopping intermittently for the much needed rest, food, beer, wine,wine, wine etc. And my husband could tell you every detail about the history behind every monument, artifact, piece of art, etc., but me? Sorry – I’m just ditzy about it.

After all, I’ve only got a small amount of space left in this brain and it’s completely consumed with thinking about my next plate of buffalo mozzarella with prosciutto ham and fresh bread served with a generous glass of Sangiovese.

So, I’m sorry, but the thing is that I just can’t be bothered to write everything down. I don’t even take my camera with me everyday. Undoubtedly, I’ll see something and regret that decision, but I just don’t want to feel bogged down with stuff or snapping away all the time. I like to enjoy the moment. I like to stroll in and out of museums and plazas and churches. I’m not trying to pose like a local or anything, but I certainly enjoy blending in as much as possible. I don’t know – chalk it up to laziness. Maybe I’ll get more inspired one of these days!

Well, all confessions aside, why don’t I just show you some photos?

First things first – Gelato Mounds Make Me Happy.
El Duomo is the star of the Florence show
The Basilica di Santa Croce which houses the tombs of Michelangelo, Galileo, Machiavelli, Foscolo, Gentile and Rossini. (Thank you, Wikipedia)
Ponte Vecchio Bridge
Artsy Fartsy Photo Alert!
View from Piazzale Michelangelo – there’s a great church near by that has mass daily and then the monks chant afterwords – where is it? I don’t know – Google!
Florentine Houses


More Duomo for You-mo


More of “the bridge”

So, I think this style of non-detailed, non-writing may be a huge hurdle for a supposed travel writer, don’t you think?

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