Restoration of ‘The Wine of the Feast of St Martin’s Day’ at the Prado

I know that envy is a sin, but I’ve got a huge case of the wants lately. Everything I see, I want. Where have you been recently? Ohh… I want to go there! What have you purchased? Ohh…I want one!

And now, after watching this video on the restoration of Bruegel’s The Wine of the Feast of St Martin’s Day by Elisa Mora, head art restorer at the Prado museum, I want her job.

Ohh… I want to be an art restorer! How cool is that?

Never mind the fact that I have terrible attention to detail and no artistic talent whatsoever. But I really do think this is my dream job.

And because I can’t seem to say anything, but “Wow, that’s so cool” around artwork, let’s hear a proper description of the painting from a great art blog, View from the Bow :

“The Wine of St. Martin’s Day, previously in the private collection of the Duke of Medinaceli in Spain, depicts a crowd scrambling madly to get a sample of the year’s first vintage from a wine-barrel, and is now believed to have been painted between 1565 and 1568, making it a work of the master’s mature years. This complex and ambitious canvas brings the total number of fully authenticated works by Bruegel the Elder to 41. It will now hang in the Prado alongside the museum’s only other Bruegel painting, The Triumph of Death.”

Wow – so cool.

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