´Tis the Season to…?

Say ´tis, of course!

Well, here we are again. ‘Tis Christmas time again and I always get a little bit gloomy this time of year. ‘Tis normal, right? ‘Tis another year of joyful celebration with the family, for hours … and hours … and hours. ´Tis another round of avoiding the face at Christmas and New Year’s Eve. ‘Tis another year of wondering when my Spanish level will improve so that I don’t get the face anymore. ‘Tis a little bothersome, no? Kind of like reading ’tis over and over?

I’m always steeling myself up for the mandatory family time about now. I should tell you that I really do have the best Spanish family you could ever ask for. I have the loveliest of in-laws who have welcomed me into their loving, fun, generous family with open arms.

Little did they know that I, the sweet little American girl they first met, would turn into a bah,humbug grouch that would sit for hours devouring all of their wine, ham, and whatever else they put on the table, constantly asking someone to “pass the ham, coño!”.

So, I’m going to try and think positive thoughts and, in the spirit of gorging your face off at Christmas time, I thought I would do a list of my favorite Spanish food blogs. Whether you’re in Spain or at home with the family, take a break from eating and have a looksy. I, however, rarely take a break from eating, but hey, that’s me.


Spanish Recipes has its own unique twist on food preparations. The photos are to die for and I dare you to visit the site without feeling some sort of cooking inspiration. Heck , I might even turn my oven on.


An American living in Spain, Janet Mendel enjoys every aspect of Spanish cuisine. She's been living in southern Spain for almost 30 years and from the looks of her food photos, she's got some better recipes than my Spanish mother-in-law (Please, please, please don't tell her I said that!)


This culinary aficionado loves some Spanish food. In addition to some great recipes, she also has a ton of helpful tips on how to tip, to order, and where to go for the best of Spanish food.


The Traveling Turtle gets around - a lot. She's traveling, eating, and mullet observing all at once. Along the way, she's got a beautiful blog that serves as a complete guide to Spain's culinary wonders. Que tia!


Warning: Do not look at this blog if you are hungry! The photos on this blog are very very dangerous! They will make you lick the screen. I promise...

*If anyone has any suggestions to add to the this list, let me know in the comments section, please!

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2 Responses to ´Tis the Season to…?

  1. Thanks so much for the mention! All of the others are wonderful as well. There are tons of good food blogs written in Spanish too– Webos Fritos for example is great!

    • Hamatha says:

      Hey – you’re totally welcome. I love your site. And yes, I was going to put up more Spanish language blogs, but I was drooling by the time I had 5 blogs and couldn’t go on anymore!
      Thanks for the recommendation though. I’ll check out Webos Fritos…
      Happy New Year!

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