Best Jazz Clubs in Madrid

This past weekend, I had the pleasure of seeing Jerry Gonzalez for the first time. A Latin jazz legend, Mr. Gonzalez and his band mates put on a great concert at one of my favorite jazz clubs, Clamores.
During the concert, I was so inspired by the music, and giddy from black Mahou, that I thought I would put together a list of my personal favorite spots for jazz lovers in Madrid.

1) The Jazz Bar

The first is unique in that it doesn’t actually have live music. What kind of jazz bar is that, you ask?
Well, although there’s no live music, the creatively named Jazz Bar is still a great place to chill out and listen to some great jazz music and have a mojito or two. Or, if you’re in working mode, I’m pretty sure that they offer WIFI.

Location: Barrio de las letras: On the corner of Moratín y Santa María (Map)
Hours: I think its open from 15:00 p.m until 2:15 in the morning. (The website isn’t very clear on this info.)

2) Cafe Central

Cafe Central is the Madrid institution for jazz and has been for over 20 years. Its tiny stage has seen some big names to play on a regular basis. I’m seen just a handful of shows here and the intimate environment really adds to the cool ambiance. My only complaint here is that you can’t make reservations. Its first come, first serve here and the place is kind of small. If you want to go to a show there, go early, bring a magazine, and prepare to wait. The place is packed every night, though, and if you can hold out in the line for an hour or two, go for it. It’ll be worth it.

Location: Plaza de Angel, near plaza Santa Ana (Map)
Operating Hours? Another mystery, but I think its open all day starting at lunch time and then closing when the liquor runs out, I imagine.

3) Sala Clamores

This is, by far, my favorite spot in Madrid for concerts of all types. Like Cafe Central, Clamores has an intimate feel to it and, you can make reservations! Like I said, we saw Jerry Gonzalez there this past weekend and it was a great experience to see him live and in a great venue as well. Call for reservations and ask for a table up front. Also, they are one of the few places in Madrid who serve Mahou black and with ritz crackers, so thumbs up for that!

Location: C/Alburquerque, 14 (metro stop Bilbao)
Telephone: 91 4457938
Operating Hours? Who knows? At this point, why do I even bother to look?

4) El Junco
Okay, I have to admit that the only concert I’ve “attended” at El Junco was from outside watching through a window as we waited in line to get in the place. From what I could tell visually, the band was awesome and its looked like a great setup for live music. Its website claims, “A club where you can breathe the essence of the mythical jazz clubs of the world”. So, awesome.

Location: Alonso Martinez, plaza santa barbara,
Opening times? Well, its open every day. Other than that info, you’re on your own.

5)  Café Populart
This is more of an honorable mention because, unfortunately, I haven’t been to Cafe Populart, yet. But I hear good things and hope to get there soon.

Location: Barrio de las Letras. Calle Huertas, 22.
Telephone: 91 4298407
Opening Times? Who the hell knows?

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7 Responses to Best Jazz Clubs in Madrid

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  2. Mo says:

    Yes, I´m showing my age again, but waaaaay back Clamores was the first jazz place I ever saw. I was taken there by a Spanish friend and although jazz wasn´t, nor ever will be, my kind of music, the night I was there I had a ball listening to a loud and “jazzy” “swingy” band. (Sorry to be so imprecise). Now I live in Spain and I´m way overdue a visit back – even just for old times sake!

    • Hamatha says:

      You know, it takes something super special to get my culo to a concert these days. I hardly ever see live shows, but if I do get the bug to see live music, its almost always at Clamores. And its not only jazz. Have you ever heard of Ara Malikian? He’s a violinist that plays at Clamores on a regular basis and he’s just incredible.
      So you should definitely give Clamores a second chance and if you see some guiri there chowing down on Ritz crackers – its me!

  3. lara dunston says:

    Great post! Love seeing live music when we travel, esp jazz, though haven’t done so in Madrid. Istanbul has a brilliant jazz scene, and Bangkok has a quirky live music scene with a few good jazz joints. Will definitely be checking out some of these places next time we’re in the city.

  4. Roberto says:


    There are another two great clubs in Madrid where you can find live music (mainly jazz):

    Bogui Jazz ( I love this club….
    Café Berlin ( Jerry Gonzalez plays tonight with the awesome Javier Colina.

    It’s worth a visit!!

    • Hamatha says:

      Thanks Roberto! I’m always on the lookout for new jazz places. I’ll check these out and add them to the list!
      Thank you!

  5. nochemad says:

    Madrid is one of the best cities in Spain to see jazz concerts. The best places for me are Bogui Jazz, Segundo Jazz, Sala Clamores and Café Berlin.

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