Spanish Tears

"There's no Crying in Baseball" - Jimmy Duggan

I’ve already made a quite a few embarrassing confessions like my love for Carles Puyol, my unexpected stripping experience, and my odd secret foreigner behavior, just to name a few.

So, what’s one more, heh?

You see, I’m not a cryer. Rarely do my eyes even tear up at anything besides pollen-laced air.

And yes, I’ve tried before. I’ve even watched Beaches and Titanic (two proven tear jerkers) only to find myself laughing at the cry-cry parts. That forced sentimentality just does nothing for me.

But you know what does? Sports.

It’s not that I’m bawling tears of joy every time my team wins or anything. And yes, my eyes do sparkle when I lay eyes upon my Puyol, but I don’t cry. That would be just ludicrous, right?

*looks around nervously*

The only thing that really makes me tear up is an inspirational tale of legendary athletic heroism and strength. I’m talking about Olympic Gold Medals and come-back stories.

And it’s not that every sporting event gets to me. Even the World Cup win in 2010 didn’t make me actually cry, although when I think of Iniesta “de me vida”, taking his shirt off at the World Cup to pay homage to Dani Jarque well, I just lose …

… great, anyone have a tissue?

And, so help me ham, something that always gets me is the Robinson Report on Canal Plus. I’m addicted. Have you seen it?

These stories of quiet inspiration, glory, generosity are just too much too take, even for the steeliest of sports fans. It will break your heart.

I recently watched the story of Partizan de Fuenlabrada. I’ll try to explain it a bit without being a cry baby, but it’s just such an amazing story.

Due to the Balkan Wars in the 1991-1992, the yugoslavian basketball season was basically suspended. UEFA banned clubs from FR Yugoslavia and Partizán de Belgrado was one of the teams that found itself without a home. Fortunately, the team was welcomed with open arms to a small province just outside of Madrid, Fuenlabrada.

Through the season, the people of Fuenlabrada showed so much hospitality and support to this team. Spanish supporters often came to cheer on this “foreign” team even when they played against Spanish teams, something that is almost unheard of.  It’s just an incredible story. Watch it because I can’t keep on typing through my tears….


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4 Responses to Spanish Tears

  1. There you again making me weep over my Tortilla Espanola. When will I learn to leave Pass the Ham well alone during my dining periods?

    • Hamatha says:

      Did you cry , really? Its such a cool story, I really don’t see how anyone could watch that report and not tear up a bit.

      Oh, and thanks for the comment, Mr. big international newspaper man! I’m honored! ;)

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