Madrid’s Christmas Conspiracy

I don’t want to be accused of being a grouch or anything, but I’ve found myself welcoming this year’s Christmas season with a very unmerry ax to grind.

Since I have been living in Madrid there has been one very irritating debate that pops up every year around Christmas time. And no, it’s not the intolerable anticipation of the jungle-like rebajas season.

It’s the damn Christmas lights situation.

For the most part, I have always supported the massive amounts of Christmas lights that Madrid puts up, despite the outrageous costs that go with them. After all, they are very pretty and they make the city sparkle with all kinds of Christmas positivity. This is especially important in a town like Madrid, where, let’s face it, there seems to be a rather large dosis of negativity year-round.

But this year, there is something very different. For many people, that positive Christmas cheer is going to be especially hard to find these days. We’ve had a rough time of it this year, haven’t we?

Maybe the joyous lights really aren’t worth their cost. Maybe now is the time to be a little more sensitive to our current situation. Yes, the lights may bring on a little bit of Christmas cheer to a few clueless suckers, but is it really worth it? Why insist on putting up and demanding payment for these Christmas lights when people are having an exceptionally hard time? It’s insensitive and wasteful.

I mean, really, how dare the city spend so much money on something … well, just plain forcibly cheerful? It really is just so inconsiderate. I can’t help but wonder if my beloved city is just trying to mask all of its faults and flaws with brightly colored bulbs designed to hide the reality of Madrileño life these days.

We can see right through this charade, Madrid!

I really feel like it’s time for us all to decide what is really important at this time of year. We should not let ourselves fall victim to some politically-minded Christmas light show diversion tactic that really just aims to distract us all from the severe problems our beloved city is facing!

Madrid, I’m on to you! I really hope that you don’t think we are all so shallow as to fall victim to you little diversion campaign! It would be just plain ridiculous to put up lights as a way to forget our …

… oooooh, just look how they sparkle!!!

Christmas Lights in Madrid

It really is just a lot of nonsense, isn’t it? Why spend so much money on something so useless? There is no need for… oooooh, these lights … these oh-so-beautiful-lights…

Christmas Lights Madrid

Okay, yes, they are very pretty, but you are out of your mind if you think putting up Christmas lights is a necessary expe … WOW! Look at those!

Christmas Lights in Madrid

Is there really any good reason for this extremely imprudent decision to put up lights this year … oooh, did you see the tree is Sol? … so magical, coño!

Christmas Lights in Madrid

This whole thing is really just a cheap masquerade to distract us … Jolines! The Playa Mayor is stunning!!!

Christmas Lights in Madrid

Christmas Lights in Madrid

Damn you, Madrid ! Don’t you have better things to do than try and convince me to …

Christmas Lights in Madrid

Okay, already! FINE! I’ll have a Feliz Navidad after all!

… and I wish you all the same!

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