“Be Living” the Good Life in Mallorca

A simple day. A simple Tweet. And then…

And the Winner of #ILoveTenerife is… @passtheham! Thank all of you for telling us what you like the most about #Tenerife

And that’s how I won a 7-day, all-inclusive stay at one of the Be Live Hotels in Mallorca. I couldn’t believe it at the time and until I actually set foot inside the lobby months later and they gave us the key to our room, I was really doubtful that I had actually won such an incredible prize.

Even when we got to our room in the Luabay Galatzó hotel and saw our gorgeous suite and ocean view, I thought, okay, something here is just not right. All of this for us, for free, for realz? It just didn’t seem right. It seemed just too good to be true.

pool and view
In fact, on the first day, as we were sipping cold beer and eating freshly fried fish and chips by the pool, I still found myself a bit skeptical. Everything was just so damn perfect at the hotel, beautiful pools, great food, fun activities, etc. I felt like I was starring in a Spanish-version Truman Show.

pool and grounds

And then, we got it. A phone call from the reception desk saying something along the lines of, “since you’re invited guests, we’d like to offer you a special offer. Could you please come by the lobby later this evening?”

I looked knowingly at my husband. That’s it – pack your bags, cariño. “A special offer” is probably Mallorcan code for “There’s been a mistake and were kicking your culo out, guiri.”

Later that evening, as we warily made our way to the lobby, I was mentally repacking my bags. Oh well, it had been nice for the short time we had been there. We slowly shuffled through the pool area biding our time to get to the reception. We took the long way around, through the beautiful lavender garden where we taken a pilates just that morning. I thought about lovely Miguel and his professional demeanor broken only by his suave dance moves during movie night (Mama Mia) the evening before. I was going to miss Maria’s bartending skills and quick smile. And don’t even get me started on the charming Andalusian grill master who made us fish and chips and paella by the side of the pool bar.

Damn it, I had only been there a day, but I really loved these people!

We begrudgingly made it to the lobby with our heads held low and asked for the director. We were completely ready to get the boot … but you’re not going to believe what they said to us:

“Since you’re invited guests, we thought you might like the opportunity to see more of Mallorca and more of our hotels. We have a five star hotel, right on the beach at Alcúdia. Would you like to stay there a few nights?”

What the what?! I looked at my husband and we kind of shrugged as if this kind of offer comes our way all the time. Okay, sure, why not? Then we scuttled out of the lobby, found a quiet spot in a dark corner, and did the shimmy-shimmy-happy-dance like two drunken fools.

Two days later, we found ourselves here:

Palace de Muro, Mallorca Hotels Palace de Muro, Mallorca Hotels Palace de Muro, Mallorca Hotels
Palace de Muro, Mallorca Hotels

Palace de Muro, Mallorca Hotels

*Photo Disclaimer: Look, I’m sorry I don’t have better photos of the hotels, but I just didn’t take many. I know, I know, I should have taken alluring, artsy photos of all the ritzy details to really showcase all their wonderful glory. However, I only have two hands and one was holding a piña colada the whole time and the other one was waving for the servers to bring me another one. I can hardly be expected to do everything now, can I? Sheesh!

Anyway, some details on the hotels:

The Luabay Hotel Galatzó will always have a special place in my heart. Hotels in Mallorca, Hotel LuabayI really loved it here. Our room was fantastic and the ambience of the hotel is  very welcoming. While the hotel is not right on the beach, (it sits on top of a hill, with excellent ocean views) it’s close to Paguera, a small beach town right down the road. The pueblo is charming in a very beach town sort of way and has a lot of tiki bars and live music venues, etc. It certainly makes for a nice night out if the hotel gets a little too sleepy for ya.

And that’s exactly what Luabay Galatzó is: an ultra-relaxing hotel with three beautiful pools and various garden areas to stretch out and catch some rays. It’s adults only and is just a very quaint, quiet and romantic piece of heaven. Additionally, I must say that, thanks to some genius gardener, this is the best smelling hotel I’ve ever been to.

Although we thoroughly enjoyed the Galatzó, the five-star Palace de Muro was on a whole different level. The hotel was Hotels in Mallorca, Palace de Murobreathtakingly elegant and right on the beach with clear-as-glass water and soft, white sand. Simply incredible. I have to say that the ambience was a little more “stiff” here, but mainly on the part of the fancy smancy clientele and not due to the employees, who were incredibly kind and professional. Also, the beach made the difference to us as we’re more beach people than pool people. As a bonus, the Albufera natural park is nearby. We rented bikes and went exploring a bit and the entire area is really beautiful.

So after an unbelievable week in Mallorca, I’m back to Madrid and even now, I still can’t believe how lucky I was to spend a week at both of these hotels.

That darn Twitter. It may be one hell of a time suck, but if daily time sucking gets me a week long stay at places like this, well, what can I say? Yay for Twitter!

*Disclosure: I won this trip through a Twitter promotion of Be Live Hotels. It took hardly any effort whatsoever, which really freaked me out. When I got the confirmation email in November, they did say something along the lines of, “We would appreciate any social media updates during your trip.” However, no one at the hotels mentioned anything about promoting their establishment or about me writing about my stay there. It was such an amazing experience and I’m just happy to tell you about these two places on my own accord. So,  just put that in your Google disclosure pipe and smoke it, okay?

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  1. Sarah says:

    Wow! That is really fabulous! I’m so happy that you and your hubby got to have such a fabulous experience!

  2. Hi,

    Thank you for all your kind words. We hope to see you back soon.

    Best regards :)

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