There’s Really Nothing to do in Tokyo

Well, here we are. Just hanging out not celebrating Madrid’s 2020 Olympic bid. Oh well, what are you gonna do? At least when you’re feeling down, Madrid always has a way of lifting your spirits, right? I mean, if you’re feeling stressed or down in the dumps, you can always … um, I don’t know … have a relaxing cafe con leche in Playa Mayor to soothe your disappointment?

Anyway, congratulations to Tokyo, a great city, but you know what? There’s really not that much to do in Tokyo. I mean you could visit some stuff, of course, but everything is kind of mediocre. It’s a good city if you’re into temples, architecture, fish markets, culinary exquisiteness, kabuki theater and festivals, green parks, great people, tradition, etc. Other than that, Tokyo has nada…

For starters, there’s no real architecture to speak of:




kyoto castle

Seems like no one likes to exercise:

exercise in ueno park, tokyo

There’s no real respect for history or tradition:

And I don’t know, but the people on the street don’t seem very interesting. I mean, they certainly don’t seem fun, sophisticated or lively with a real zest for life:

Tokyo Dance

Tokyo Dance

Tokyo Dance

So, I don’t know. I guess if you’re into culture and tradition and all things that make a great city great, sure, Tokyo may be for you. And okay, the 2020 Olympics will probably be stellar and incredibly incredible beyond belief. If you’re into that type of Olympic games…. whatever.

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3 Responses to There’s Really Nothing to do in Tokyo

  1. Cassandra says:

    How unfortunate that you had to go to Tokyo. And snap pictures of the prosaic architecture and mundane goings-on. (Translation: I love that you are chronicling your trip on the eve of the Olympic bid!)

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