Segovia, Take Me Away

I’m guessing most of you are too young to remember the “Calgon, take me away” commercials. For those post-seventies babies, it was a t.v. commercial for Calgon bath foam. Rather frustratingly typical for that time, it showed a woman just so overwhelmed with noises of traffic, her boss, her baby and her dog, that she pleads to her Calgon to take her away in the form of a nice bubble soak:

So, okay, maybe I don’t sit in traffic most days and I certainly have a unique gift for easily tuning out bosses, babies and barking dogs, but damn, I still have those days when the Internet is being mean and work is frustrating and I’m about to explode because the world seems like it’s rapidly twerking its way towards a fiery hell of vicious ignorance.

And when I get to that point, I simply say to the husband, “Take me to Segovia.”

And this is why Segovia is my “take me away” place:

Segovia's aquaduct
Every time I see Segovia’s aqueduct, I just want to throw my arms around it and sob, “I’m home, cariño.”
Seeing Segovia’s Cathedral bursting from the corners of the Plaza Mayor makes my heart happy.
Segovia's Alcanzar
Little known fact: the lawn under Segovia’s Alcazar is the absolute best place on earth to have a picnic.


Juan Bravo statue in Segovia, Spain
This statue in Plaza de San Martín is dedicated to Juan de Padilla, Juan Bravo and Francisco Maldonado, the Comuneros who tried to take on Carlos V. And it’s not that the statue makes me so happy, but the famous Segovian photographer along with the saxophonist and his dog that hang out here feel like distant family members at this point.
The Vera Cruz church sits quietly at the base of the Alcazar and is just so small and lovely that you would never know how important it is. Built in 1208, its design was inspired by the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem and is one of the most stunning examples of Romanesque architecture in Spain. I just love its unassuming sophistication.
Isabel's Coronation, Segovia, Spain
Segovia is where Isabel’s coronation took place in 1474. Anyone else into the series? The Segovia tourist office offers a very in-depth tour based on the history of the devout Queen. It was so interesting that I started watching the series and I’m totally hooked now!
Ham Slicing in Segovia
Forget what I said about the other historical stuff above, just know that food in Segovia is the number one reason for visiting. I’m a José Maria fanatic myself, but from tapas to cochinillo, Segovia has it all. On our most recent trip, I guess they knew I was coming and they appropriately served raciones of ham in front of the aqueduct to celebrate my arrival.
(Just take a look at the faces on the guys in the background. Drool much, tios?)

So, there ya go: Segovia is my “take me away” place. How about you? Any special place you like to hide out on the weekends?

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4 Responses to Segovia, Take Me Away

  1. This post makes me so happy. Andalucia may be my current fling, but my heart has always belonged to Castilla y León.

  2. Kaley says:

    I love Segovia (and its food). I always have loved CyL, Spain without stereotypes.

  3. Andrea says:

    I’ve always wanted to visit Segovia just to see that incredible aquaduct but I see there is much more to the city than that. It looks incredible.

  4. Sandra Danby says:

    When we drive from the UK to Andalucía, we get the ferry into Santander. We break the drive south with a nice around Segovia. Beautiful place, full of history, and so peaceful. SD

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