Eight Spaniards I’d Like to Have a Beer With

Frozen Japanese Beer
Ever tried frozen Japanese beer?

Although most people tend to spend January recapping their best or worst moments of the last year and contemplating what the new one might have in store, I’m generally thinking about one of two things around the this time of year. First, I think about the many ills facing my beloved Spain in the year to come. The crisis, the constant bad news, the corrupt politicians, Iker vs. Diego, etc.

Then, when that passes, I think about beer.

In fact, I find myself thinking about beer quite often around this time of year. Although I enjoy Madrid’s mild winters, the cold isn’t exactly conducive to enjoying oodles and oodles of lovely terrace + beer + tapas time. So, I tend to spend a lot of time daydreaming about the arrival of my precious Spanish springtime. And please understand that it’s not the alcohol I crave. Well, it’s not only the alcohol. Meeting up with a friend on a late afternoon, preferably during the week and “tomando” something is just something I love to do. You know that feeling when you decide to give La Latina yet another try on a warm, sunny day and you find a table on a terrace somewhere, which, of course, means you must stake claim to that spot for at least three hours? Magic, right?

Honestly, I try to take advantage of exploring the city as much as I can, but the truth is that I just adore that feeling of just sitting, enjoying a beer and some tapas with a good conversationalist on a crisp, sunny day. That’s my Spain … when it’s warm and I can skip out of work, that is.

And of course, although you can’t beat a little terrace time catching up with a dear friend, I have to admit that sometimes I daydream about hanging out with various Spanish celebrities famous people. Now, I could pretend that I’m looking for quality, high brow conversation that would end up being a learning experience. But, honestly, I’m just looking for a good time. And okay, so my choice of “famous” people I’d like to hang out with may not be the most impressive list, but hey, terrace time is for relaxing and laughing, not learnin’. Am I right?

So, while I watch the current blue sky closing down this chilly January day, rest assured that I’ll be oddly, yet wistfully daydreaming about spending a warm, spring day with one of these quirky Spaniards listed below.

Alaska and MarioMario Vaquerizo and Alaska – Okay, so to some of you this might be a weird choice, but damn, I find this couple fascinating. (And yes, I know that Alaska isn’t from Spain, but she’s a huge part of Madrid’s history.) Plus, Mario really loves beer. I love beer. As quirky as these two are, I’m sure they’ve got a ton of stories to tell about Spain in its heyday. I love stories about Spain in its heyday. So, yeah, I think having a beer with these two would make for a great time.

Ara Malikian and Fernando Egozcuen Ara Malikian – Yeah, yeah, so maybe Ara isn’t an official Spaniard either, yet. But, he’s been in Spain forever and is on his way to becoming legit so I say he counts. I love, love, love to hear him play and entertain the audience with his charming stories. He is one of the few musical geniuses I’ve seen in person and he seems like such a nice, fun-loving guy. I need to have a beer with him.

Vincent del Bosque and Toni GrandeVincent del Bosque and his little friend, Toni Grande – Talk about stories! These two football veterans would have me fascinated by round two, I’m sure. I’m a little doubtful they’d spill the beans to this guiri, at first, but I think I could annoy them to death until they break.



Andres IniestaAndres Iniesta – I waivered on this one a bit. Not so sure it would be the most enthralling conversation of my life, but I’ve really come to love old Iniesters since the last World Cup and wouldn’t pass up a chance to tomar una caña with him.



Plácido_DomingoPlacido Domingo - I really can’t believe that I’ve never seen Placido Domingo live, but hopefully I can change that this year. In the meantime, we can talk about Real Madrid and he can sing to me while we’re soaking up sun on a terrace in front of the opera house. Close enough, right?



Ana-BotellaAna Botella – I know, I know. I just want to see for myself, you know?





So, there ya go. Which famous Spaniard would be on your terrace-beer-time list?

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6 Responses to Eight Spaniards I’d Like to Have a Beer With

  1. HAHAHAHAHA this is the best list ever, though I’d probs swap out La Annie for my main betch Cayetana. I literally have that on my resolutions list each year: meet and share a jarra de rebujito with La Duquesa de Alba.

    • Hamatha says:

      You know, Cat, I was actually trying to make a list of ten Spanish people and I couldn’t even think of two more to add to the list. Now that you mention the Duquesa, I wish I had put her first. I’d love to tomar una caña with that lady…days of entertainment with that chica, I’m sure! :)

  2. Christine says:

    Ahh Cat, you beat me to it, the Duquesa is number 1 on my list.

  3. Christine says:

    Ohh, Ohh one more Cayetano Rivera. That man is some yummy eye candy and has smarts too. I could…oh yeah drink beers with, drink beers.

  4. Leftbanker says:

    Can I just drink eight beers alone and read about them in Hola?

    • Hamatha says:

      You might be on to a better idea, Leftbanker! At least if you get bored you can always turn the page while enjoying a nice cold one. I might have to reconsider my Ana Botella choice. I’m curious to see what she’s all about, but I certainly don’t want to get trapped with her! :=)

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