Springtime Blooms in Madrid’s el Parque de los Quintos

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug Can you feel it? Yep, that’s springtime in Madrid. Let’s all take a moment and wave our hands in the air and grin like silly gooses, okay?  Then, let’s all do a collective internet cloud-based, fist pump or two. Ready? 1…2…3… go!

Yep, la primavera is here. Okay, okay, maybe not technically, but it’s damn sure knocking at the door, right? And if you’d really like to bask in the sunshine and fresh air of an early Madrid springtime, I highly recommend you hightail it down to El Parque La Quinta de Los Molinos. The hundreds of almond trees are in full bloom right now and the air inside the park is the perfect springtime scent.

Sure, while it may not be on the same level as the world-famous cherry blossom in Japan, this quaint Madrileño park will have you wishing for a girly parasol and fringed shawl while you saunter across the pink- and white- kissed fields with your fella.

Warning: Many similar photos of hundreds of blooming almond trees ahead:

el Parque de los Quintos, Madrid

el Parque de los Quintos, Madrid

el Parque de los Quintos, Madrid

el Parque de los Quintos, Madrid

el Parque de los Quintos, Madrid

el Parque de los Quintos, Madrid

This beautiful city park is registered as a Historic Park and Heritage Site of Cultural Interest. Originally, the land belonged to el Conde de Torre Arias, who gifted it to César Cort Botí, an architecture professor. After his death, the family donated it to the city as a public space. Along with the hundreds of beautiful almond trees, there’s a small pond with a water mill and even an olive grove.

If you go, go soon. All of the trees are in full bloom right now and it’s just gorgeous. As I was snapping a few photos, an elderly lady said to me, “Que belleza, no?”

I couldn’t agree more, señora.


El Parque La Quinta de los Molinos

  • Dirección: Calle Alcalá , 527-531
  • Metro: Suanzes (L5)
  • Horario: De 6.30 a 22.00 h
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7 Responses to Springtime Blooms in Madrid’s el Parque de los Quintos

  1. Cassandra says:

    I have a picnic date here this weekend! I can’t wait to enjoy all the gorgeous blossoms.

  2. Christine says:

    Ahhhh this looks like heaven, well apart from my office in the tropical oasis known as lower Manhattan. Sigh!

    • Hamatha says:

      Hi Christine,

      It really is a beautiful part of Madrid. I’ve been here for years and only recently discovered it in full bloom.

      And, by the way, lower Manhattan is not too shabby either! :)

  3. Moin@Skin says:

    Place looks damn good. It’s good place for a morning or an evening walk isn’t it? Well in other times am busy working on my PC :(

    Thanks taking few shots :)

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  5. Hi Nicole , precious pics , I had heard of the place but I have not visited yet. Instead, this year my wife and I return to the valley Jerte to see the cherry blossoms .
    The next time you visit Segovia, if you have not already done so, I recommend you go down to the river and visit the old factory of the coin which is newly restored , and the monastery of Parral, the altarpiece of the church of the monastery is spectacular. Above the monastery there are rocks with a view of the city reminiscent of Renaissance Italian cities . It is normal , the period of greatest wealth of Segovia was during the reign of Henry IV and Elizabeth I , in the Renaissance.
    I commented on another occasion I studied in Segovia for six years and still discover each visit different places and perspectives , I also got me love this city, y eso que de estudiante la odiaba.
    Por cierto, el constructor del Monasterio por orden de Enrique IV, fue Juan Pacheco, el maquiavélico Marques de Villena de la serie de TV Isabel.
    In the pic you see , the old “ceca” manufactured coin still in ruins .
    He seguido tus aventuras por Japón, increíble país y espectaculares las fotos. De Serbia, siempre se me viene a la cabeza que fue en ese país donde comenzó la WW I. ¿Cuándo te contrata National Geographic? comparado contigo Willy Fog era un aprendiz.

    • Hamatha says:

      Hola Jesus!

      Thanks for your comments! I’ve seen a few photos of El Valle de Jerte and every year I try to make it, but something always comes up. It looks spetacular!

      And yes, last time we were in Segovia, we took a tour of the Casa de Moneda…I loved it. I love that whole area of Segovia, the walk by the river, etc. It’s really beautiful in spring and summer. I’ve never been to the monastery though. I’ll have to look into going the next time we’re in the area. The truth is that there are so many renaissance churches in Segovia, but most of them are closed on the weekends so it makes it hard to visit them. Segovia is amazing though!

      And yes, I was totally addicted to the first seasons of Isabel and am waiting anxiously for the next season. Actually, last time we were in Segovia, we took the Isabel tour in Segovia. I thought it was going to be a bit cheesy, more oriented to the series, but really, it was an incredible 3 hour history of that time. It was fantastic. Although, I know you’re already more than familiar with Segovia’s history, the tour is well worth it.

      Thanks for following along with my travels! I really appreciate your comments!

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